kSrishti is an Exclusively online store selling Only 100% Pure Silk Products

All kSrishti Silk Curtains are fully Hand Hemmed (Blind Stitched).

Every order at kSrishti is fully custom made as per requirement & Delivered with in 5 Working Days worldwide.

Particulars kSrishti Others
Silk fabric used in Dupioni Curtains 105 to 120 grams per meter (Aprox 30 momme) 90 to 100 grams per meter
Silk fabric used in Taffeta Curtains 120 to 130 grams per meter (Aprox 32 momme) 100 to 120 grams per meter
Cotton Lining 100% pure premium quality cotton Polyester blend cotton fabrics
Blackout Lining Premium quality with a guarantee on anti freezing & anti flaking – Full Thermal Protection. Normal lining, heavy weight & no protection against freezing & Flaking
Interlining Light weight with extra bulk for fullness – Full Thermal Protection. Heavy weight and thinner
Custom made curtains All curtains are made on order Optional, many times ready made curtains are altered and sent
Multiple shade curtains Nominal cost Double cost
Silk fabric used Weaved through our own network of weavers purchased from 3rd party
Shipping cost Included in price Charged Extra
Delivery Time Guaranteed within 5 (Working) days No guarantees
No hidden charges All inclusive Tax & handling is extra
Silk curtains &  patterns All kinds of patterns & styles. Very limited
Colors 100 Plus shades Very Limited