Our Return Policy

All merchandise is inspected for quality and defect before shipping, If there should be an over site or any other issue, you are welcome to return the merchandise for exchane or refund, please contactn us within a week from date of recipte.

  1. Client / Customer should courier or post it back at there cost.
  2. The refund will be made only after the parcel is received & checked by us.
  3. Refund will be processed only if the product is unused and in the shipped condition without any damage.
  4. The refund will be only for the amount paid to our company, import duties and taxes would not be refunded.
  5. The cost for shipping the parcel back will also be refunded if the is any defect or damage or fault at our end.
  6. No refund can be made if the return shipment is lost or doses not reach us for any reason. (This is entirely your responsibility to ensure that the return shipment reaches us).
  7. Please be very sure about every detail of your order before paying or while ordering, No refund or exchange will be given if you don’t like the product dew to personal or any other reasons (i.e. You do not like the color, quality, workmen ship, shipping delay, creased dew to packing , not ready to pay customs duties or local taxes, etc……)
  8. We offer FREE Swatch services to ALL customers who have ordered form us, this services is offered even new customers who buy only shade cards or swatch book form us.
  9. No refund or exchange is give for ANY reason on shade cards, swatch book, sample swatches, tie backs and recycled yarn.
  10. Please be very sure about every detail while ordering for Embroidery, Painted, Printed or any custom made patterns, ask for each detail & samples for Embroidery, Painte Printed products or any custom made patterns, before confirming the order.
  11. No refund or Exchange will be given what so ever will be given for these Items, whether ordered from readily available in stock or custom made Embroidery, Painted, Printed, Patterns.
  12. If the order is cancelled after execution then 10% transaction fees will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  13. If order is cancelled within 12 hours of making payment only 50 % refund will be given.
  14. No changes or cancellation will be allowed after 12 hours of payment or confirmation.
  15. Crease marks or mild wrinkles cannot be treated as defects, as these are caused dew to packing for shipping, also mild chalk marks at the back made for stitching. (No claims will be entertained for these things).
  16. We take full guarantee of the actual product only, there is no guarantee for free products, if by any chance the free offer is lost or damaged or of wrong description, we will not give any replacement or refund. (However we are free to seek out these issues with mutual understanding.)
  17. You can always ask us for assistance or any help for your order; you are requested to clarify all your doubts before confirming the orders.
  18. IMPORTANT: Before receiving your order packet form the courier or post, PLEASE check if there is any custom tape on it or if the packet has any cut or damage, if there is any such   thing then PLEASE open the packet & check all contents, if everything is safe & OK inside, without anydamageor cuts, if there are no cuts or damage on the products please  receive the packet & If there is any cuts or damage or dust or stain visible, then PLEASE do not receive the packet & Inform us IMMEDIATELY.
  19. We reserve all rights to cancel any order at any stage & give refund, without assigning any reason.
  20. All sales & communication are done form INDIA, so disputes if any will be settled in INDIA according to Indian jurisdictions (in state of Punjab or Delhi).
  21. We reserve all rights to accept or cancel any order without assigning any reasons.

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